How Safe Is It To Use The “S” Word At Work?

No, it’s not what you think.

It’s the word “soul”.

But that’s the question Phil Bowermaster, of The Transparency Revolution was asking me about the other day when he interviewed me for BlogTalk Radio.

It’s pretty common in career parlance to talk about the self, or the whole self. But using the word soul, as I have done in my eBook, The 7 Most Soul Sucking Career Mistakes Ever (And How To Avoid Them), takes things to a different level.

And is that okay?

In Phil’s interview we touch on all kind of career related things. Like the major disconnects we can experience between our values and how we live and work, and how we can begin to close the gap.

Oh, and also, the role organisations play in cutting through what I call corporate mythology. And how their getting real is in everybody’s interests.

Anyway, without giving more away, here’s the link to the interview.

I’d love to get your reactions in the comments!

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  1. Phil Bowermaster says:

    Great show. That guy asking the questions was just awesome. ;-)

    Making sense of how and whether you fit within a particular job, the role of the company in being open and authentic, and the need to balance intuitive with analytical thinking — these are all vital issues, and your ebook is a great resource for those trying to come to a better understanding of them.

    Your thoughts about companies treating employees like adults was an eye-opener for me. I’ve been dealing with this whole issue of transparency for a while now, and I had not thought of it in those exact terms. In addition to bringing clarity and efficiency to interactions between the company and the employee, transparency can be seen as a mark of respect. That is a keen insight.

    Look forward to having you back for another chat sometime.
    Phil Bowermaster´s last blog post ..You rub my back- I will rub yours Oh and we will be rich!

    • Christine says:

      The guy asking the questions was awesome :)

      Glad you got something from the conversation. I do think that, even in the 21st Century and despite all our sophistication, companies can still relate with their people like they’re children. We actually all need to grow up!

      I too look forward to more conversation!

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