Why You Shouldn’t Gamble Your Soul on Things Outside You

Gambling at the casino

Over the years I've worked with a lot of people who've gambled big time on something or other working out for them. And then been beyond miserable when it appears everything's not falling into place as they'd imagined. You know the kind of thing: You take a job or a project that you think will make you look like a rock star even though, up front, some of the … [Read more...]

Six Lessons I’ve Learnt from Meditating

Meditation Red Sun

March was mindfulness month. In fact, so too were April and May. My Wellbeing Experiment, in which I imagined I'd choose a different theme each month this year, has slowed right down. And I think meditation has had a lot to do with that. That was the thing that kicked my whole mindfulness thing off and I couldn't have imagined where it would take me. Here are the … [Read more...]

How To Know Beyond Doubt That It’s Time To Quit

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In my last post, I talked about how so many of us often think we want to quit our jobs because of things going on outside us: Poor salary increases. Boredom with what we're doing. Lack of promotion prospects. Crap bosses. Insecurity about what the future holds for us. And how so much of that comes from a misunderstanding about the source of our wellbeing and … [Read more...]

Think You Know Why You Want To Quit Your Job? Think Again!


A recent survey reckons that 33% of us in the UK are looking for new jobs this year. Salary levels, boredom, lack of promotion opportunities, poor worklife balance, and dissatisfaction with bosses are all cited as reasons. I must admit that, when I first read about this - and indeed these reasons - it all seemed par for the course. In a previous life, I was the HR person … [Read more...]

On Holidays, Mindfulness, and The Growing Need For Inner Peace

I always come back from the Maldives feeling like my life has been expanded somehow. This last time was no different. I went imagining that I'd post pictures and updates to my Facebook and Twitter accounts while away. I'd forgotten that, there's something about the energy of the place that grounds me so much, all I want to do is chill. So, I ended up occasionally … [Read more...]

Be A Better You: Why Mindfulness Matters

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It's a bit of a buzzword right now. Mindfulness, that is. But what is it? And, more importantly, what can it do for you? That's my big question for March. Maybe April too. Because already it seems to be much, much more than where I started from with it. Which was meditation. Meditation I began that, or more truthfully, began it again, last week. Some years … [Read more...]

Stop Hacking Your Life and Start Living It Instead

child with cloud

It was such a relief. Even just scanning Rich Roll's post I breathed deeply and knew I'd let go of something. Why You Should Stop Lifehacking and Invest in the Journey spoke to something that has been rattling around in me for some time now. And I was so glad that he'd called it out. Hacking As Rich says, the whole idea of hacking is well intentioned. "In truth, a … [Read more...]

The Minimalist Guide to Sorting Out Your Diet

FOOD by Wolfgang Wildner

I guess I developed my closet interest in nutrition at university. I was exhausted at one point in third year and found this article in Cosmopolitan - my bible at the time - that talked about how Vitamin B can help with stress. So I upped my fruit and veg, found a strong Vitamin B supplement, and while I can't honestly remember ever feeling peppy during any of that time, at … [Read more...]

Does Wellbeing Mean Having To Compromise?

Question mark in Esbjerg

So, this year I'm running an experiment on wellbeing. In fact, I'm asking myself this question: “What becomes possible for my life when I make wellbeing my first priority?” I'm cooking a post for you right now on food and nutrition since that's where I've focused most in the last few weeks. But meantime I just wanted to check in and share what I've been doing in … [Read more...]

Introducing The Wellbeing Experiment

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If I learned one thing in 2013, it's that wellbeing is fundamental to everything. If you're new to the blog, you can read the back story here. But the short version is that, some months into last year, a professional tsunami hit me. Instead of panicking, setting a ton of new goals for myself like I'd have done in the past, and getting into hyper-marketing mode, I … [Read more...]